Michel Boudrot's arrival - version 2

The following is a translation of text from the web site of Robert Rochon. It tells the sotry of the arrival of Michel Boudrot in Acadie as well as his role in Port-Royal.

His parents are unknown but Michel Boudrot was born around 1600, probably in the parish of Cougnes in the diocese of La Rochelle in France. In 1641 he married Michelle Aucoin, born around 1618 in the La Rochelle area, daughter of a Tradesman martin Aucoin and of Marie Sallé or Sallé.

Michelle Aucoin had arrived at Port-Royal accompanied by her mother, sister, brother and her mother's second husband, Jean-Claude Landry.

Michel Boudrot was present at a baptism on September 21, 1639 in his role as the first magistrate of Port-Royal. He was named to that position in 1636 by Charles de Menou d'Aulney, father of the child being baptised. The Boudrot family is considered one of the earliest of Acadie, at least from 1639 and likely since 1632.

In the first census of 1671, farmer Michel Boudrot is listed as being seventy-one and his wife Michelle Aucoin is identified as being fifty-three. Michel Boudrot received the title of Lieutenant-General for Port-Royal in 1671. He owns 20 livestock and 12 sheep, on eight cultivated acres. It also listed their eleven children, born between 1642 and 1666, all of them living including Jeanne, born between 1642 and 1645.

Jeanne Boudrot got married in 1666, at Port-Royal to Bonaventure Therriot, or Terriau, son of Jean Therriot and Perrine Breau (Bourg). In the 1686 census, Jeannne is 41 years old and lives with her husband Bonaventure Therriot and their two daughters. The youngest, Marguerite is of interest to us. In 1702, she married René Granger, born in 1676, son of Laurent Granger, originally from Plymouth, England, and Marie-Henriette Therriot.

Michel Boudrot seems to have participated in public life since in 1685, at the age of 85, he receives from the King of France official letters naming him Lieutenant-General for civil and criminal matters for the country and the Acadian coast, a position he ocupies until 1688. He replaced Abraham Dugast, who also has genealogical links to our family.

In the 1693 census, Michel Boudrot is listed as deceased. His wife Michelle Boudrot, survives him another few years. She died in Port-Royal on December 17, 1706, at the age of 85 and was buried the following day.