To order souvenir products

To place an order, print this page, identify the products you wish to purchase and send with your payment (cash, cheque ou money order) to the address shown:

Unit Price
$ Total
Lapel Pins @ $5.00 ($4.00US)
Coat of Arms @ $8.00 ($7.00US)
Number of items -------------------------------- ------------------
History Book @ $30.00 ($26.00US)
Shipping for Book @ $8.00 ($7.00US)
Total cost for the order

Make cheques or money orders payable to the "Association des Boudreau Inc."
Send this order form and payment to the following address:

Name and address:

Name ______________________________________________

Street/Apt/P.O. Box.


State/Prov. __________________________________________

Country ________________  Postal Code __________

Email: __________________________________