Welcome to the web site for the Association des Boudreau

You have accessed the web site of the Association des Boudreau d'Acadie. The Association was established for the purpose of promoting genealogical research relevant to the descendants of Michel Boudrot who arrived in Acadie around 1639. The Association also has as a goal the improvement of communications between Boudreau descendants through the organizing of get-togethers and family reunions such as the Grand Reunion that occurred in Shediac, New Brunswick (CANADA) during the Congrès Mondial Acadien of 1994, the Congrès Mondial Acadien of 1999 in Louisiana. the Congrès Mondial Acadien of 2004 in Nova Scotia and the gathering of the Boudrot, eau, eaux, ault in Saguenay in August, 2007. The next Family Reunion will take place in Notre-Dame-du-Lac in the Témiscouata region of Québec during the 2014 Congrès Mondial Acadien. Click on the '2014 Family Reunion' for more details.


This Newsletter, in PDF format, will be published about three times a year. The 1st Volume was published in January 2009 and the 2nd one was published in April. The Newsletter will only be available to Association members. And there will be information and stories that won't appear on our web site. Another reason to become a member.

Click on an image below to view the 1st page of the 1st editions published.

1st edition 2nd edition

Our web site is divided into the following sections:

Section 'Our Ancestor' presents the various theories regarding the origins of Michel Boudrot, ancestor to the Boudrot, eau, eaux, ault of North America.

The section titled 'Genealogy' introduces individuals who have been conducting research for some time on the genealogy of the Boudreau family.

The 'Executive' section provides information on the Directors of the Association.

The 'News' section has information of interest to the Boudreau family.

In the section '2014 Familly Reunion', you'll find information on the next Grand Reunion to be held in Notre-Dame-du-Lac in 2014.

The Boudreau familly has its' original Coat of Arms; a description and image are found in 'Coat of Arms'.

You can become a member of the Association by filling in a form in section 'Membership'.

A number of products for sale are described in 'Souvenir Products'.

Finally, the 'Links to other Sites' section has links to sites you will likely find interesting.