About our ancestor Michel Boudrot

Despite much research effort, it has been impossible to determine with any degree of certainty the origins of Michel Boudrot, our common ancestor. Several theories have been advanced including the following:


Theory N°1

Assumes that he was originally from the Loudun region. Based on the fact that numerous Acadian families came from that area, although this remains to be confirmed for some of them. No Act with the BOUDROT patronym appears to have been located there.

Theory N°2

A more popular theory is thta he came from the parish of Cougnes, in the diocese of La Rochelle.

This theory has much to do with the fact that his wife, Michelle AUCOIN, was from this parish; however, no Act regarding the BOUDROT family has been found there.


Theory N°3

Another possibility has been explored and that is that he came from the Niort region, at Germon Rouvre. Information contained in the diary of Simon ROBERT, a notary from Germon, which discusses events up to 1621 led to research on this theory.

Simon ROBERT had as a first wife Andrée ROBERT, daughter of Simon BOUDREAU and Michelle QUINAULT. Notice that the spelling of the name is different, BOUDREAU instead of BOUDROT, whereas the patronym is alwasy BOUDROT in the first Acts relating to Acadians. Research to date is inconclusive


See information from the site of Yolande Lacharité on the arrival of Michel Boudrot in Acadie

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Theories N°4

In the last few years, a new theory has been advanced, notably by René Perron and Michel Turquois, whose research is mainly focused on the Bourgogne and the southern region of Champagne.

Following some work by Nicolas Le Creux, René Perron located Acts in the Monceau des Mines region.

Michel Turquois located some BOUDROT presence from the XVIIth century north of Yonne and south of Aube; some is also found in the Langres region. He even found a Baptismal Act of 1599 with the name of Michel BOUDROT.

In version 11 of the Bulletin «Racines & Rameaux Français d'Acadie», Claude Massé notes that a Louis BOUDROT (1634 - 1717), Advisor to the King, became permanent Mayor of the Town of Langres and that hisparents were Jean BOUDROT and marguerite GAUTHEROT. Are these mere coincidences?GAUTHEROT. Coïncidences?